Stuart’s three programs are listed below:


Dream Achiever Program

Dream Achiever ProgramDear Friend,

Many years ago, I discovered a true “Secret.” A technique that never failed to achieve whatever goal I set out to achieve.

Yes, that’s right. It worked every time I used it.

Today I would like to share this technique with you. And show you how some brand-new training materials I’ve developed can put this amazing technique to work in your life…

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Super Achiever Coaching Program

Super Achiever Coaching ProgramDear Friend,

I promise I can show you how to get the things you’ve always wanted – no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed – even and especially if you don’t believe that’s really possible for you right now.

Participants who do at least most of the assigned work have a 100% success rate in achieving their seemingly impossible objective.

My “Objective” for each and every Participant in the SUPER ACHIEVER Coaching Program is simple and powerful:

You SET a Perfect 10 Objective and…


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Super Entrepreneur Training

Super Entrepreneur Training

Entrepreneurs are the people who create most of the jobs in the world.

Entrepreneurs are the people who have started all of what became the largest businesses in the world.

There are great joys and excitement in being a successful entrepreneur.

Yet most people who try to be entrepreneurs fail because failing is the way they learn to become entrepreneurs.

They fail because they have not developed what I call a “Successful Entrepreneurial Personality” and they, therefore, fail in predictable ways.

Yet nothing I have ever read or otherwise encountered with respect to entrepreneurship addresses this fundamental problem.


Until my Super Entrepreneur Training, what I call the SET.

The SET consists of 6 Phases.

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