I previously explained how changes in Context turn Self-Supporting Unconscious Habit Patterns in Self-Defeating Ones.

I call these Blockers, because these Self-Defeating Unconscious Habit Patterns block you from getting and/or being what you want.

A few common Blockers include procrastination, depression, binging, confusion, fatigue and perfectionism, among many others. I’ll discuss common Blockers more fully in my next Post.

In this Post, I am going to explain how to change such Blockers into Self-Supporting Unconscious Habit Patterns.

Once you do, they will work to increase your Successfulness and Quality Of Life 24/7/365 just as the Blockers previously worked to decrease them. And since that will all take place Unconsciously, you’ll just see the results in the form of increased Successfulness and a higher Quality Of Life or both.

The following is continued from my previous post.

Step 4: Instructing the Blocker-Expressing Subpersonality in a New Way of Responding

It is important to understand that simply telling a Subpersonality what you want such as by repeating the words of an Affirmation is usually not very effective.

That’s because Subpersonalities are resident in your Right Brain and the language of your Right Brain – and, thus, your Subpersonalities – involves Imaginary Experiences such as you create when you’re daydreaming or exercising hindsight.

Thus, the effective way of instructing your Blocker-Expressing Subpersonality in a New Way of Responding is via Imaginary Experiences that concretely demonstrate that New Way of Responding.

For example, harking back to the example of you becoming confused while reading a textbook, to instruct the Subpersonality that Expressed that Blocker in a new way of handling the same situation, you would – using your powerful skill of Hindsight, in your imagination change the original memory into an Imaginary Experience that is exactly the way you would have liked that situation to be.

Perhaps, you would modify that memory into an Imaginary Experience of starting to read that same textbook and it immediately making perfect sense, perhaps after you looked up the definition of a couple of key words.

Step 5: Making Sure that the Intended Change Actually Sticks, that It Replaces the Blocker

As described above in the quote from Eye to Eye, Volume One, when you have gained your Blocker-Expressing Subpersonality’s attention and cooperation, all you need to do is to calmly let it know that it is very important to you that it adopt and in the future always express the Replacement Response inherent in your Imaginary Experience instead of the Blocker that it has so-far expressed.

The Difference Between The Strategic Approach And What Actually Produces A Result – The Tactical Approach

Cybernetic Transposition involves numerous Processes that implements this Strategic approach in very concrete, detailed and specific steps, that is, in Tactical Ways, that consistently produce the intended results.

“God is in the details.”

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

In other words, Cybernetic Transposition provides very specific and detailed Tactical guidance. In contrast, if you attempted to resolve Blockers using just the Strategic description above to guide you, you would probably fail.

“In basic terms, Strategic refers to the “what and why” and Tactical refers to the “how.”

Tactical refers to the hands-on part of getting the job done, making sure the Strategic goals are met.”

- Laurie Hayes

What I have so far described is a Strategic Approach. It really doesn’t tell you specifically how to implement what I’ve told you, the Tactical Approach. The difference is quite profound.

For example, my wife, Gloria, is an “Air Force Brat.” Her father was a Senior Master Sergeant, just about the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force. Even so and with the discounts the family received at the local PX, in the 1950′s when Gloria was about 13, her father’s pay was barely enough to feed a family of five.

So Gloria was given the job of managing expenditures for food and household goods and she did this in a very Tactical way.

  1. She developed a schedule of meals for the week.
  2. She listed the ingredients and quantities required to prepare those meals.
  3. She added any other household necessities.
  4. She then calculated the cost of what was included in her list and adjusted it to match the funds available.
  5. She went to the store with her mother and they purchased what Gloria had specified.


Gloria’s system worked well and pleased her tough Senior Master Sergeant father as well as her mother.

Gloria’s approach was Tactical, whereas the families of officers who received a lot higher pay, did their shopping in a Hit Or Miss Way, grabbing whatever seemed right when they saw it at the PX.

The difference between the two approaches points out the difference between the Tactical way Cybernetic Transposition teaches you to accomplish the Five-Steps noted above and how you might approach the problem after simply reading my Strategic descriptions.

That Tactical approach is what I teach you to implement in my eBook system, my self-paced training system, my coaching program and my entrepreneur training and it works spectacularly well when Properly implemented.

How to Get Started

Click the following link to receive a free PDF and listen to the Audio Book copy of Chapters Four-B and Four-C of the Second Edition of my eBook System, “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything –Fast”.

It describes, in detail, a specific, well-proven and highly effective Tactical approach to implementing the Situational 5-Step Process described above to empower you to Replace of a Blocker with a new Response that is highly successful for you at this point in your life.

Chapter 4B and 4C pdf and Audio

A True Story

The following true story will show you the kind of results that you can achieve by Properly implementing what is covered Chapters Four-B and Four-C of my eBook System, the Cybernetic Transposition Base Reframing Process.

Marie (not her real name) was a Swedish newspaper reporter who’d been assigned to write an article on my work. When we met, she asked for a brief explanation of what I did and I briefly explained the Cybernetic Transposition Three-Step process, including a reference to the Base Reframing Process (which is what I cover in Chapter Four-C of my eBook System).

That seemed to get her interested and she asked me for a demonstration. So I asked her if she had any disturbing body feelings. She said definitely yes, that she got two or three intense migraine headaches each week, the classic kind with light flashes. She said they were totally debilitating and that all she could do was to take medication and go to bed for four to six hours.

I had her home in on her Blocker Body Feelings (the feelings associated with the migraine headaches), surround them with an imaginary ball of white light and place them in her Heart Chakra. I then had her instruct her Unconscious to take her to an earlier time in her life when she’d gotten the same Blocker Body Feelings.

She immediately got a memory and recorded it on paper. I had her repeat this process three times and she got three more, much earlier, memories. Finally, I had her ask her Unconscious to take her back to the very earliest time when these feelings had been present that were for her highest good to recall just then.

The earliest memory was when she was about 18 months old and she was with her twin brother. In that memory, she was very worried about his safety and felt that he might very well die if she didn’t take care of him, doing so at any cost to herself.

Since the next earliest memory and the other later memories were of her sacrificing her own well being to take care of him, the pattern was clear. For example, the next earliest memory was of her following her five-year-old brother into a cave filled with insects and snakes. She was petrified and her own survival instincts were shrieking at her to hold back but her need to protect her brother was greater. So she went into the cave.

Not surprisingly, in that memory she also got a migraine headache that was due to the conflict between her need for survival and her drive to protect her brother – whom her Unconscious took as a part of herself because they were twins.

In her imagination, Marie reframed each memory, starting with the very earliest one, into one that was a 10 in desirability (on a 1 to 10 scale where 10 is extremely desirable) from her mature perspective. For example, the very earliest memory became one in which she felt great love for her brother and decided that she could both love him and allow him the freedom to grow in his own way while she took care of herself.

In each case, she instructed her Unconscious to substitute the 10 reframe for the earlier memory in ways that were for the highest good of herself and all others involved. She then did a process of Framing the themes that ran through all of the 10 reframes, of identifying the essence of all of them, and instructed her Unconscious to use that as an instruction of how to create, perceive, experience and handle similar situations in the future.

Marie called me a week later. She’d had no more headaches and felt much more positive about life.

Oh, by the way, she wrote a three-full-page very positive spread about my trainings in the top Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet.

What We Just Covered

In this Post, I have explained how Blockers are expressed by your Unconscious and described two Strategic approaches to changing them into Self-Supporting Unconscious Habit Patterns. And I have provided you with a link to Chapters of my eBook System that show you the Tactics of implementing the Strategic approach.

In my next Post, I will describe the various Types of Blockers you have may well have encountered in your life and will describe some of the most common and insidious ones so that you can home in on them.

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