Homing in on your Earning Power, Unconscious Performance Limit, Your Glass Ceiling (Post #3)

In Post #8, I introduced you to the unconscious performance limit blocker.

I explained that unconscious performance limit blockers are tricker than most.

In order to raise your glass ceiling, you have to resolve your unconscious performance limit blocker.

Unfortunately, unlike most Blockers, this is easier said than done.

That is because with the other Blockers I have discussed in my previous Posts, their impact is easy to specifically home in on. But that is not the case with the Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker unless you have some help – which I am about to give you.

The problem is that your Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker arises in specific situations but not ones that you are very likely to remember because they come and go so quickly.

That’s why I have developed the Cybernetic Transposition Locating Your Unconscious Performance Limit Process which I will briefly outline for you.

  1. Remember the month during which you earned the most money you have ever earned in your entire life.
  2. Note that amount.
  3. Double that.
  4. Note that amount.
  5. Now imagine that you absolutely must earn twice as much as you have ever earned before and must do so during the coming month. Really get into imagining that.
  6. That really uncomfortable “I can’t possibly do it” intuitive feeling you get is your Earning Power Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker showing its stuff.
  7. If you get an intuitive “I can do that,” just keep doubling the amount until you run into you Earning Power Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker.
  8. Resolve that Blocker via the Base Reframing Process described in the Chapters of my eBook System that I gave you.
  9. Redo steps 5 through 8 and you will find that your imagined level of earnings where the Blocker arises has significantly increased.

(If you have trouble doing this, you might need some hand-holding, otherwise called coaching).

As I said, Henry was immensely frustrated by being stuck at a pay level he felt was way below what he felt he should be paid.

Using the Bonus that comes with my eBook System, he set a Cybernetic Transposition Objective to get a Perfect Job where he was highly valued and paid at least $125,000. As part of that process, he had to raise his Unconscious Performance Limit from $62,000 to $150,000 which took him less than an hour.

Seven weeks later, Henry was enthusiastically hired into his Perfect Job at a salary of $130,000 by his Perfect Boss who enthusiastically recognized that Henry had a unique set of skills and experience that precisely met his company’s needs.

Will Raising Your Earning Power Unconscious Performance Limit Ensure That Your Earnings Will Increase?

Unfortunately, no. You will also have to successfully complete the Three-Step Process that I described in my first Post.

This is:

    1. Deciding what you want to achieve.
    2. Putting a high enough priority on it to get you to take action and to keep doing so until you achieve it.
    3. Resolving any roadblocks in the way, roadblocks that would otherwise stop you.

Your Very Own Glass Ceiling (Post #8)

Having resolved your Earning Power Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker, some of you will be able to sharply increase your earnings by performing these three steps in your normal fashion.

Most people will, however, need to employ the Cybernetic Transposition version of this Three-Step Process as described in my eBook System and taught in my Self-Paced Audio-Visual Course and my Coaching Program.

As described in my second Post, the Cybernetic Transposition Three-Step consists of:

  1. Setting a precise Target that is accepted and supported by your conscious mind and all major aspects of your Unconscious.
  2. Unconsciously Prioritizing that Target so your Unconscious remains closely focused on achieving it, no matter what you are consciously doing or thinking.
  3. Resolving the Unconscious Roadblocks that would otherwise prevent you from reaching your Target.

When you perform each of these steps properly, you have a nearly 100% probability of achieving your Target, even if it seems to be impossible.

That’s confirmed by one hundred percent of the detailed feedback of the participants in my Super Achiever Coaching Program over the past 9 years. Of those who did at least most of the assigned work, 95%+ achieved their seemingly impossible objective on their very first try. And during the past 3 years (as I have improved the process), 100% have done so.

I Suggest That You Give It A Try Using Your Existing Skills

If you want to increase your earnings, first check whether you have an Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker in the way – and, if so, resolve it as described above.

As a rule, if your Earning Power Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker arises at 120% of the level you want to reach or more, it isn’t in the way. If it is less than that, you should raise it until it is at the 120% level or higher.

Then, using your existing skills, perform the Three-Step Process described above.

If that works, wonderful. If not, consider my Cybernetic Transposition approach.

The Nine-Step Process Outlined Above Is Applicable To Your Unconscious Performance Limit Blockers That Arise In Any Area Of Your Life

The Cybernetic Transposition Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit Process that I have briefly outlined above is applicable to any area of your life where you feel you have run into a Glass Ceiling.

The trick is to devise a way of triggering your Unconscious Performance Limit in that specific area. Once you have gotten a handle on it, you can resolve it via the Cybernetic Transposition Base Reframing Process as described in my eBook System Chapters I have given you.

In case you didn’t download those Chapters, here is that link again.

Chapter 4B and 4C pdf and Audio

What We Just Covered

In this Post, I have described an insidious Blocker, one that can stop you cold, your very own Glass Ceiling – the Unconscious Performance Limit Blocker.

I have then briefly outlined the Cybernetic Transposition Raising Your Unconscious Performance Limit Process so that you can start to raise your Glass Ceiling and have reminded you of the other steps required to sharply increase your Successfulness.

In my next Post, I will discuss one more type of familiar and quite Self-Defeating Blocker, the Reactiveness Blocker and in the Post that follows that, I will get you started in learning to effectively carry on a conversation with your Unconscious, what I call Dialoguing.

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