Secret 3 of The Five Secrets of Romantic Success

Today, I’ll discuss the third Secret of Romantic Success. You can sharply up your chance of achieving romantic success if you follow the five secrets of romantic success that I discuss in this series.

Secret 3: Really Listen

If you listen carefully to both your Perfect Partner candidate and your own reactions, they’ll tell you whether you’ve probably found the right person.

However, really listening to someone else is a skill that most of us don’t normally demonstrate. So if you want to interrupt what your candidate is saying, don’t. Quickly write a reminder and turn your full attention back to them.

Then, when they have finished talking and you have finished responding to what they said, if there’s something on your reminder list you didn’t cover, bring that up.

If there’s something they said that you think didn’t fit your My Perfect Partner list, discuss it with them, saying, “There’s something you said that I’d like you to expand on.” If it still jangles, note it and check which item on your list that violates. Re-rate that person on that item because if it jangles now, it’s probably going to bother you increasingly as time passes.

When you are clear about what bothers you, discuss it with your candidate, taking responsibility for your reactions. You might say, “I had an uncomfortable reaction to (what bothered you). I’d like to tell you more about that and hear what you have to say. Perhaps I misunderstood you.”

Then listen very carefully.

If this doesn’t resolve things, there’s a good chance you haven’t yet found your Perfect Partner. However, if you have, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to resolve this apparent misfit.

Stay tuned for the other two Secrets of Romantic Success.

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