Secret 4: Don’t Try to Fool Them. Show Them Who You Really Are.

Once you think you’ve found your Perfect Partner, let them know exactly who you really are.

If you’re their Perfect Partner, they’ll like you just the way you are. If you aren’t, they’ll eventually try to change you or reject you. So you might as well find out right now.

Carefully listen to and observe their reactions to you. If you observe a reaction that you intuitively feel indicates they are uncomfortable with some aspect of you, discuss it with them. You might say, “I just intuitively felt that I made you uncomfortable. Let’s talk about that.”

If you find they are judging you, tell them. If they persist, I suggest you head for the hills. You’ve just discovered a misfit with what they’re looking for.

If you’ve found your true Perfect Partner, smiles, joy and acceptance will prevail on both sides. You’ll enjoy being with them and they with you. You might not agree on everything but you’ll feel that’s okay and they’ll feel the same way.

For example, having raced sports cars when I was younger, I enjoy watching Formula 1 racing on TV. Gloria doesn’t, at all.

Gloria likes watching what I think of as junk TV, contests and reruns of Perry Mason.

We both, however, really like the same movies, football and Law & Order types of shows. So we watch those together, while I watch Formula 1 on one TV and she watches what she likes on another.

Periodically, we laugh about it. And that’s just fine.

Be honest. Your Perfect Partner will love you for that.

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