What’s the greatest blunder ever by a major politician?

US Capitol A recent Gallup poll found that an astonishing amount of negativity directed at the US Government. A staggering 82% of Americans expressed their disapproval with politics. More than half of those polled went on to express a lack of confidence and trust in political candidates. What has lead to America’s discontent with politics?

It’s the biggest blunder ever by a major politician, a political candidate and politics in general: negative campaigning.

There is an unwritten code in big business: Don’t Destroy the Category.

The relentless attack ads and smear campaigns have soured the American people toward the whole of politics and the people who choose to join its ranks. Years of hearing how corrupt this candidate is and how unprepared that one is, has led us to consider the entire political workforce as inept, if not simply evil.

Sadly, politics has no plans of changing any time soon. Politicians believe negative campaigning is a successful tool and continue to utilize it.

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