Getting Help: Bonus Secret 6

Most people need some help in changing their habits. And, if you haven’t yet found your Perfect Partner or, if you have but haven’t developed a wonderful relationship with him or her, it’s almost certain that you’ll have to change some of your habitual behavior.

That can be really tough and most people need some powerful help in doing so.

Well, help’s at hand. Today I’ll tell you about that.

Getting Help: Bonus Secret 6

If you or your partner find that:

  • You press each other’s “hot buttons,” so that you end up in conflict…


  • Harbors negative reactions that causes you or them to pull away from each other…


  • You just can’t reach agreement on where the two of you are headed…


I strongly suggest that you check out my eBook system.

In it, among many other valuable things, I will show you exactly how to:

  • Permanently change your reactions when your “hot buttons” are pressed, from anger, upset and conflict to cooperation, harmony and feeling good about each other.


  • Prevent conflicts by permanently changing your and their reactions that cause the conflict.


  • If your relationship is diverging so that you and your partner are growing apart, bringing you both back into alignment with each other.


  • What’s more, my eBook system will show you exactly how to rapidly find your Perfect Partner – if you haven’t already done so – with close to a 100% chance of success.

Or you can choose to try individual or couples’ counseling. However, based on a study reported in the “Journal of Marital and Family Therapy,” the odds of success with the latter approach are about 50/50 and the process is many times as expensive while taking a far longer time.


This is my final post in this series. In it, I’ve told you that:

Successful romantic relationships have the following four characteristics:

  1. The partners support each other in dealing with their challenges, doing so with loving and acceptance.


  2. The partners share their successes with each other in loving and acceptance.


  3. Both partners derive these and other important rewards from the relationship.


  4. The partners communicate with each other, deeply, openly and honestly.


Your odds of creating this type of romantic relationship will be much higher if you implement the five secrets of relationship success that I discuss in this eBook.

These five Secrets of relationship success are:

    Secret 1: Know Exactly What You Are Seeking – and Find It.

    Secret 2: Keep Your Eyes Open.

    Secret 3: Really Listen.

    Secret 4: Don’t Try to Fool Them. Show Them Who You Really Are.

    Secret 5: Check Whether You’re Both Headed in the Same Direction. And Keep Checking.

I wish you the greatest romantic success, Stuart

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